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Writing in the Sand

Thomas Moore  Writing in the Sand

Jesus and the Soul of the Gospels 

In his examination of the original Greek texts, Moore dismisses the cautionary voice of tradition and explores the deeper significance of language, stressing the origins of words and the many levels of meaning in stories and imagery. Through his study, Moore shows that the teachings of Jesus are challenging in a far different way than the moralism often associated with them. Based on being open to life, deepening your understanding, and giving up all defensiveness around your convictions, the Gospels can be the source of a new kind of certainty and stability that cannot be codified and enshrined in a list of rules. Writing in the Sand presents the essence of Jesus' teachings and offers a way of understanding them intelligently and devotedly in the twenty-first century. 

This highly original take on the Gospels offers a fresh, new way of imagining human life and society. 

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