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Two Plays for Voices
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Two Plays for Voices

Author : Neil Gaiman
Narrated By : Full Cast Production
Harper Collins US
Runtime : 2 hours
Type : Fantasy
Our Price : $12.95
"The joy for me is knowing that somebody can have this strange audio experience. They're getting something as good as you get from radio." - Neil Gaimen

Produced by the Sci-Fi Channel and Seeing Ear Theatre - these two plays are adapted for voice by Neil Gaiman from two of his short stories (both stories can be found in Smoke & Mirrors).

SNOW GLASS APPLES: Once upon a time there lived a young princess with skin as white as snow, with hair as black as coal, with lips redder than blood. Most people think they know what happens to this young unfortunate girl. Most people are wrong. Tony-award winning actress Bebe Neuwirth (Chicago, Sweet Charity, and TV's Cheers) stars as a wise Queen who wants nothing more than to reign over her kingdom peacefully but is forced to match wits with an inhuman child who has an unnatural taste for blood.

MURDER MYSTERIES: In this mystery noir set in heaven's City of Angels before the fall, the first crime has been committed. It is an awful one. While the angelic hosts labor to create the world and its workings, one of their number is mysteriously slain by one of their own. Raguel, Angel of Vengeance, is mandated by Lucifer to discover both motive and murderer in this holy dominion that had so recently known no sin.

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