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Stock Frauds, Manipulations, and Insider Trading
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Stock Frauds, Manipulations, and Insider Trading

Author : Thomas D. Saler and Don Christensen
Narrated By : Louis Rukeyser
Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 3 hours
Type : Economics
Our Price : $12.95
Public confidence in financial markets depends on the perception that they are fair and just,
not distorted or manipulated to the advantage of particular traders. This is the story of those who have
sought illicit advantages, and how markets and investors can protect themselves against the dark side
of human nature.

The Secrets of the Great Investors series is a collection of presentations that explain, in understandable
language, the strategies, tactics, and principles that have produced great wealth, and how you can improve
you financial future. History's greatest investors used powerful investing philosophies to produce superior
results, and you can learn from their successes and mistakes.

Saler & Dykstra (Authors & Journalists) Christensen (Author of "Lies Your Broker Tells You")

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