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Some Like It Haute
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Some Like It Haute

Author : Julie K. L. Dam
Narrated By : Carrington MacDuffie
Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 9 hours
Type : Fiction
Our Price : $19.95
"Dam whisks the reader into a melee of runway drama, intrigue, and snarkiness in her breathless,
satiric debut....a gossamer-light read with sumptuous material and gentle ribbing."Publishers Weekly

Meet Alexandra, a small-town Texas girl turned fashion correspondent for the respected British Weekly.
She wears all the right designers and knows all the right people, but can her reputation survive a collision with a
six-foot-plus model at the Chanel Show? The fall has been splashed across every newspaper and television set
in the world, it seems, and Alex has sworn to adopt status incognito. But there's one small problem. How do
you get the scoop when you're hidden under the covers in your hotel room?

Just when all hope seems lost, Alex heard the word that an avant-garde fashion show is happening that night at
a shady Parisian nightclub. She can keep her cover and get her story. When she finds both a love interest and
perhaps the hottest new underground designer in town at the show, Alex can only wonder if it's all too good to
be true.

Carrington MacDuffie is a recording artist and spoken-word performer whose voice acting has been featured in several independent films. She performs with her pop band, and her one-woman spoken-word show has been staged at various venues across the western United States.

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