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Most Wanted
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Most Wanted

Author : Michele Martinez
Narrated By : Anne Twomey
Harper Collins US
Runtime : 6 hours
Type : Crime
Legal & Medical
Our Price : $19.95

Melanie Vargas is a hardworking, hotshot federal prosecutor in New York City with a rising career in the law and a marriage that's on the rocks. Having caught her husband cheating, she's struggling to work things out, if only for her baby daughter's sake.

On an innocent evening stroll with her child, Melanie stumbles across a horrifying crime scene. A wealthy former prosecutor from her office has been tortured and murdered, his luxurious town house set ablaze to destroy evidence of the crime. It's the kind of high-profile case that can make her name, and Melanie wants in. Needs in. But what she doesn't realize is that this opportunity will bring her dangerously close to a hard-to-resist FBI agent who may have secrets of his own - and even closer to a dark, sadistic killer who seems to be one step ahead of her every inch of the way.

The story of a young prosecutor's wild race against the clock to solve a brutal high-society murder before the killer finds her. Most Wanted is the stunning, sexy, and spellbinding debut novel that has already garnered rave reviews from today's masters of suspense.

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