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March Upcountry
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March Upcountry

Author : David Weber and John Ringo
Narrated By : Stefan Rudnicki
Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 17 hours 30 minutes
Type : Sci-Fi
Our Price : $33.95
"This is as good as military SF gets!"Locus

"Sure to please superb storytelling."Publishers Weekly

Roger Ramius Sergei Chiang MacClintock was young, handsome, athletic, an excellent dresser, and
third in line for the Throne of Man. So it wasn't surprising that he became spoiled, self-centered, and
petulant. After all, what else did he have to do with his life?

But that was before his mother, the empress, packed him off to a backwater planet and he found himself
shipwrecked on the planet Marduk, with jungles full of damnbeasts, killerpillars, carnivorous plants, and
barbarian hordes of bad disposition. Fortunately, Roger had an ace in the hole: Bravo Company of Bronze
Battalion of the Empress's Own Regiment. Now all Roger has to do is hike halfway around the planet,
capture a spaceport from the Bad Guys, commandeer a starship, and go home.

David Weber is author of the New York Times best-selling Honor Harrington series as well as other popular novels, including some based on his Starfire science-fiction strategy game. He lives in South Carolina with his wife and their three children. John Ringo is author of a New York Times best-selling series and co-author with David Weber of several novels.

Stefan Rudnicki has won the highest awards in the narrating industry, including a Grammy Award for production, the 2005 Audie Award for narration, and two AudioFile Earphones Awards.

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