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Fame Island
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Fame Island

Author : Jonathan Lowe
Narrated By : Kristoffer Tabori
Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 10 hours
Type : Fiction
Our Price : $19.95
"The stars are aligned on this onecurl up with a big box of popcorn and invite your
friends!"Audiobook Caf

"This production has a dream team."AudioFile

When tabloid writer Jude Johnstone uncovers the truth behind the disappearance of mega-lotto winner
Howard Rosen, he hears the words, "You're hired." But for Jude, this could be one dangerous reality show.

First he must find Howard's son, then negotiate the purchase of a Caribbean island for them, and finally
stage a coup against the corrupt governor of a neighboring island. Howard, of course, wants credit for all
of it. Why? For the same reason he engineered his disappearance in the first place, the instant after picking
up his checkto be famous for more than fifteen minutes.

Will Jude write this story Howard's way and make him the hero? Or will romance detour him? What happens
next is the stuff of Hollywood legend.

Kristoffer Tabori made his screen debut when he was six years old and appeared on Broadway for the first time at age sixteen. He has garnered numerous honors, including a directing Emmy, for his acting and directing on stage, screen, television, and radio. His first solo narration won a 1993 Audie Award for best audiobook of the year.

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