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Captain Blood - Episode 14: War
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Captain Blood - Episode 14: War

Author : Rafael Sabatini
Narrated By : Full Cast
Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Runtime : 25 minutes
Type : Audio Theater
Action & Adventure
Our Price : $1.50
The Greatest Pirate Adventure Of Them All!

The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air is proud to present Rafael Sabatini's adventure classic, "Captain Blood," fully dramatized for the first time. Dr. Peter Blood is arrested and sentenced to hang for treating a wounded rebel. Instead of death, he is sent to Barbados as a slave. When the Spanish attack the port city of Bridgetown, he and his fellow slaves capture the Spanish ship and set out to sea, where he becomes the notorious Pirate, Captain Blood. Battles on Sea and on Land, daring escapes, sword duels to the death, a touch of romance, and a magnificent score by Jeffrey Gage, “Captain Blood” is a swashbuckling adventure on a very grand scale! Presented in 17 episodes.

The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air presents Rafael Sabatini's Captain Blood.
Starring Jerry Robbins, Amy Strack, Deniz Cordell, J.T. Turner, Joseph Zamparelli Jr, Hugh Metzler, Aaron Smith, Tom Berry, James Turner, Leigh Berry and the Colonial Radio Players.

Executive Producer Mark Vander Berg.
Music by Jeffrey Gage.
Dramatized for Audio, Produced and Directed by Jerry Robbins
© 2006 Colonial Radio Theatre.

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