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Healthy Living, Diet & Nutrition

Healthy Living, Diet & Nutrition

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1 Barry Sears, Ph. D. with Bill Lawren Enter the Zone A Dietary Road Map to Lose Weight Permanently, Reset Your Genetic Code, Prevent Disease, Achieve Maximum Physical Performance, Enhance Mental Productivity
Regan Books 1995 0060391502 / 9780060391508 Hardcover As New in As New dust jacket; Gently read. 
The Zone; 1.0 x 9.50 x 6.30; 348 pages; Dr. Barry Sears is a well known researcher in the field of drug delivery systems and cancer management. He approaches the dietary/ healthy living process in the same scientific way that he approaches other research. Dr. Sears explains that you should find the optimum dietary zone. This can be done by measuring the body and calculating the percentage of protein, carbohydrates and fat. 
Price: 4.00 USD
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2 Cheri K. Erdman Nothing to Lose A Guide to Sane Living in a Larger Body
Harper Collins 1995 0062512536 / 9780062512536 Stated First Edition Hardcover As New in As New dust jacket  
1.25 x 8.50 x 6.00; 189 pages; Dr. Erdman, herself, a plus size, takes her own experiences in the diet/ weight loss roller coaster, and her skills as a therapist to empower larger women to stop putting their lives on hold while they struggle to become thin and learn to love who they are without shame or anger.  
Price: 5.00 USD
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3 Dr. Barry Sears What to Eat in the Zone The Quick & Easy Mix & Match Counter for Staying in the Zone
Harper Torch Regan Books 2004 0060587423 / 9780060587420 Paperback Good+ with no dust jacket; Gently read. 
Mass Market PB; 0.80 x 6.75 x 4.25; 300 pages; A follow-up of In the Zone, this book presents ways to adjust the different zone food blocks to fit unique body needs, to accommodate dining out and to fit different dietary choices such as vegetarian preferences. 
Price: 3.75 USD
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4 Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller, Dr. Thomas M. S. Wolever, Kaye Foster-Powell, Dr. Stephen Colaguiri The New Glucose Revolution The Authoritative Guide to the Glycemic Index- the Dietary Solution for Lifelong Health
Marlowe & Company 2007 1569242585 / 9781569242582 Third Printing Paperback Good+ with no dust jacket; Used, tight binding, no marks. 
Trade PB; 0.75 x 9.0 x 6.20; 349 pages; In recent years, emphasis has been made on the glycemic index as a way to manage calorie intake and weight. The Glycemic index is a measure of carbohydrate quality and how carbohydrates in food affect the glucose level. In this book, the authors provide the scientific findings on glycemic index, a table of GI values of differnt foods, and answers to frequently asked questions. 
Price: 4.00 USD
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5 Harvey and Marilyn Diamond Fit for Life
Warner Books 1987 0446300152 / 9780446300155 Paperback Good+ with no dust jacket; Used book, no marks. 
Mass Market PB; 1.0 x 6.75 x 4.25; 316 pages; Fit for Life utilizes the physiology of the digestive system and body metabolism to outline a healthy way of eating. The authors discuss digestive processes of absorption, assimilation and elimination. By making choices on what you eat, you can maximize nutrient absorption, promote movement of food through the gut and elimination fo toxins. They suggest not eating carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal as each of these require different digestive enzymes and ph. 
Price: 2.00 USD
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6 Harvey and Marilyn Diamond Fit for Life II: Living Health The Complete Health Program
Warner Books 1989 0446358754 / 9780446358750 Paperback As New with no dust jacket 
Mass Market PB; 1.60 x 6.60 x 4.40; 512 pages; In this follow-up book of the Fit for Life program, the authors not only present healthy nutritional principles but healthy work-out and stress management principles. It also includes healthy living for children. 
Price: 4.00 USD
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7 James M. Rippee, M. D. Weight Loss That Lasts Break Throught the 10 Big Diet Myths: the Science of Sustainable Weight Loss
Wiley & Sons 2004 0471721727 / 9780471721727 Paperback Very Good+ with no dust jacket; Slight shelf wear. Gently read. 
Trade PB; 0.65 x 9.0 x 6.0; 254 pages; Cardiologist James M. Rippee, MD and Weight Watchers who teamed up to produce this book on weight management, approach the subject by busting 10 common diet myths. By elaborating on these myths, the authors emphasize healthy living. For example, myth # 3: Willpower is the key to successful wieght loss. Dr. Rippee explains will power and want power and how a spark, negative or positive such as a cruel remark or wanting to lose weight for a wedding, can spark the will power (" the mental strength to set limits for yourself") to work on the initial weight loss. However, a realistic sense of want power (desire and motivation) is needed for sustained weight management. At the end of the chapters , a list of action steps is given. 
Price: 3.00 USD
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8 James O. Hill, Ph. D. , John C. Peters, Ph. D. , Bonnie T. Jortberg, M. S. , R.d. The Step Diet Count Steps, Not Calories, to Lose Weight and Keep it off Forever
Workman Publishing 2004 0761133240 / 9780761133247 Paperback As New with no dust jacket 
Trade PB; 0.75 x 7.5 x 5.50; 282 pages; The Step Diet Book focuses on walking and counting steps as a way to permanently lose weight instead of counting calories or focusing on food intake. The authors emphasize that weight loss depends greatly on the balance between the calories taken in and calories burned out. 
Price: 4.00 USD
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9 Michael F Roizen, M. D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M. D. You on a Diet The Owner's Manual for Waist Management
Free Press 2006 0743292545 / 9780743292542 Hardcover As New in As New dust jacket 
1.20 x 9.20 x 7.30; 384 pages; The authors present a diet based not so much on weight loss but on waist reduction. They begin with a two week project of rebooting the body by eating healthier whole foods, walking and automating meals thus limiting choices. The authors explain that fat around the waist is unhealthy fat which causes insulin resistance and heart disease. 
Price: 7.50 USD
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10 Stephen Gullo, Ph. D. The Thin Commandments Diet The 10 No-Fail Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss
Rodale Books 2005 1579548989 / 9781579548988 Hardcover As New in As New dust jacket; Would be new but dust jacket has slight shelf wear. 
1.0 x 9.25 x 6.25; 336 pages; This sequel to Dr. Gullo's previous book Thin Tastes Better, picks up where the first book left off. The author emphasizes strategy over will power. For instance, he suggests taking a breath mint to twarth sugar craving. He also suggests various low carbohydrate snacks which unfortunately are difficult to find and are quite expensive. The first part of the book tackles strategy which is probably the most helpful part of the book. He discusses: 1. Think historically, not just calorically. This helps identify food triggers. 2. Slips should teach you, not defeat you. 3. The problem might be in the food, not in you. The second part of the book outlines ABC Eating Plan which starts with a 10 day turbo charge diet designed for fast weight loss. 
Price: 4.00 USD
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11 Steven Rosenblatt, M. D. , Ph. D. and Cameron Stauth The Starch Blocker Diet The Safe, New Way to Eat the Foods You Love and Lose Weight
Harper Collins 2003 0060548231 / 9780060548230 Stated First Edition Hardcover New in New dust jacket; New but with remainder mark and slight shelf wear. 
1.25 x 9.25 x 6.15; 366 pages; The Starch Blocker Diet written by Steven Rosenblatt and Cameron Stauth takes from research on alpha amylase, an enzyme (produced by the pancreas) which breaks down tarches into simple sugars. The book proposes that by taking a starch blocker before a meal, you can actually eat the usual carbohydrates without converting them into sugars and thus, calories. Alpha amylase blocker research began in the 1970's with Howard Hughes' research company. Later, extensive research was done at the Mayo Clinic, not for weight loss but for diabetes management. Various preparations of alpha amylase inhibitors were tried and the more recent ones contain Phaseolamin 2250 taken from small kidney beans. The book will be attractive to dieters who crave carbohydrates as it allows normal or even high carbohydrate intake. 
Price: 3.59 USD
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